Real Estate Opportunities In Cleveland, Ohio
Real Estate Opportunities In Cleveland, Ohio

Property Management Services

IIP Management is our recommended property management company - but real estate investors can choose any property management company that they want.


Effective property management involves not only the management of a property but managing the tenant occupying the property and providing reliable communication with the property owner. Property management is invariably productive when the needs of both the tenants and the owners are understood.



IIP Management utilises a highly trained property management team that is well versed, efficiently and professionally maintaining properties and the relationships associated with them, to achieve the ultimate goal of a successful rental property.



IIP Management has considerable experience working with local, national and international real estate investors. Many of their landlord clients are from the United States, while others live in Canada, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

IIP Management
Alpha Park 57
Cleveland , OH 44143
Phone: (440) 261 4375 (440) 261 4375
Fax: (440) 229 1539
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For individual or bulk real estate acquisitions, you can call, email or enquire using the


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T: +44 (0)1942 665180

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To enquire directly about property management services in Cleveland, Ohio call or email IIP Management:


T: +1 (440) 261 4375

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